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It is my responsibility to integrate the CTI software into the softphone (mobile app) software to ensure customer satisfaction.Update: I had to have the voice on the IVR changed due to complaints from our customers because the registration clear enough. Update: Our focus group has been testing software for nearly a month.The test for our engineers is for them to interpret this code and what it’s telling the database how to encode and store the demographic information from the IVR.Graphic & Web Designers – We’ve hired 2 master graphic designer.pic.twitter.com/r KWz W9KJOF Looking for some naughty fun?

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I’ve been designing the IVR system architecture myself, and now I’m working with a team of experienced Vo IP developers.

Since it is such a large project, I decided to to segment different functionality in order to execute the project in time.

Database Engineer – Looking at other primarily UIs, I’ve hired a database engineer specialized in MSSQL.

I don’t want to use Cassandra or Oracle on this project.

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