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“It’s just made out of a different material that’s fire-retardant and is a solid color, either solid blue or khaki.” After testing four varieties of fabric, sailors also preferred a lighter “rip-stop” look but with better comfort and durability than what they found in their non-fire-retardant uniforms, according to Lt. Jennifer Biby, the assistant program manager for organizational clothing at Fleet Forces Command.Those in grades E-6 and below favored dark blue fabric because it better hid the smears and smudges hard-working sailors pick up on board a ship.

All Japanese mines, minefields and other obstacles to movement by land, sea and air, wherever located, be removed according to instructions of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. Each camp or other place of detention of United Nations prisoners of war and civilian internees together with nits equipment, stores, records, arms and ammunition will be delivered immediately to the command of the senior officer or designated representative of the prisoner of war and civilian internees; c.

“The effort started as a safety issue and it still is,” Fleet Master Chief Rick O’Rawe told Navy Times.

“But right now, the shipboard uniform for everyone is coveralls. So finding an alternative based in common sense is what we need to get to.” But Fleet Forces wasn’t merely hoping to hike safety with the new Maritime Two-Piece Fire-Retardant Variant uniform.

Designers also wanted to improve the heavy-duty workwear’s fit, fashion and function.

“The pattern they’re using to cut the NWU Type III is the pattern they’re using to cut these uniforms,” said O’Rawe.

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