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For example, “Kelly Clarkson: The Bluegrass Tribute” is not an acceptable album title.Instead, format the title as “The Bluegrass Tribute to Kelly Clarkson”.Localization fields may be used for representations familiar to the local market, if different from the international version.39.1 Primary Artists for Jazz.The main performing artist(s) or ensemble name must be marked Primary at both album and track level.We love music—it's an emotional experience, and for many of us, an obsession.When someone hears the right music at just the right moment, it’s transformational, and that’s precisely why we do what we do.Otherwise, note supporting artists at the track level.Use the available role(s) to indicate the instruments that each artist played.39.3 Contributor Roles for Jazz.

Albums where multiple takes for a song exist, must not use phrases like “Master Take” or “Original Take” in the track version title.39.8 Title Version Information for Jazz (Alternate Takes).Composers should also be listed at the track level.To ensure consistency please refer to Recommended Contributor Roles section.If a non-Western artist has an English or international band or artist name, that name should be provided in the native field.The native field should be used for internationally recognized representations of artist names, songs, or album titles.

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