10 rules for dating my daughter tv dating service in chennai

If you want your boyfriend to kiss you differently, tell him.

There is no way for your significant other to know what you want without you telling them.

A relationship should enhance your life, not make you miserable. Sometimes you will have to do activities or watch TV shows you dislike, but you do them because they make your significant other happy, and you know he would do it for you.

In relationships, both people should be getting their desires met and then giving them to the other person.

Contempt is showing disgust in a person, where you have no desire to solve issues in your relationship but simply want to attack and hurt the other person.

A relationship psychologist says that if you reach this point in the relationship, it is unlikely that it can be saved.

You should not spend every waking moment talking to or with your significant other. You should have interests and hobbies that you do without your boyfriend.

In a relationship, you should not lose your self-identity and worth.

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