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We recently had a big article about lesbians and what does it mean to be lesbian, and it was not a shocker or a scandal at all. Uzmesk aki, kiek grozybiu ir idomybiu taves ten laukia. Fifty-five percent of university graduates are women, but we have only 39 percent of women among top management. I'm not afraid of this word, but talking about the majority, the word "feminist" is not very popular.

Of course, if you would talk to Lithuanian gay people, some are leaving the country because of this law that you can't be legally married here. :) #Cosmopolitan#Lithuania#May#Birthday#issue#is#off#to#print A post shared by Cosmopolitan Lietuva (@cosmopolitan_lietuva) on What is the biggest inequality between the sexes in Lithuania right now? I know several feminists who totally [identify as] feminists and they are very funny women and that's standard, but because of some examples of feminism, the word itself is so, so negative.

[Pictured below is the May issue featuring Jonas Nainys.] Ypatingasis gimtadieninis geguzes men. We had a story about politicians who have done some meaningful stuff for women.

We also asked politicians questions about women's rights and discrimination just before an election to get their statuses on that.

So it's been just 20 years since [being gay] has been decriminalized.

But now, any kind of discrimination because of sexual orientation is prohibited.

Taip pat galite pakeisti asmenines nuostatas taip, kad galėtumėte visiškai kontroliuoti gaunamus slapukus.

Hundreds of singles are waiting to meet their match. This is the website for locals all over Lithuania, and our aim is to make online dating simple, comfortable and fast.If you want to get married, you have to leave Lithuania, but one day, who knows? Considering our audience, openly maybe they say, "No, I don't like this word and calling myself feminist," but they really are because they are for equality, and feminism is about equality, and that's it. What kind of advice are Lithuanian women asking for most frequently?Twenty years ago, it was unimaginable that being gay would be decriminalized because in all our history it was a crime to be gay. How to find a job because we have this huge job crisis.Kiti slapukai stebi, kiek žmonių peržiūri mūsų puslapius, taigi taip mes galime gerinti bendrą apsilankymo svetainėje patirtį.Dar kiti slapukai būtini svetainės veikimui užtikrinti.

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