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On Windows and Linux, drop-downs now use a custom widget instead of the HTML control.This setting applies both to opening items as well as expanding/collapsing items if they have children.

As a result, he’s more than willing to resort to drastic measures—from shutting down the government to secure funding to urging civil servants to violate the law—to hasten its construction. Brexit is also a wall of sorts—albeit a legal and psychic one—designed to separate Britain from the rest of the Europe.There are a host of other challenges surrounding Brexit, but none loom larger than this.Should Britain exit the EU without resolving the matter, they would be forced to construct a physical border—which would, in turn, risk reigniting the Troubles.When enabled, VS Code will automatically do a case-sensitive search when you search for a query that contains an uppercase character.If your search query is all lowercase, then the search will be case-insensitive.

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