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They do make it possible for students with LD to show what they know without being impeded by their disability.

Accommodations do not alter the content of assignments, give students an unfair advantage or in the case of assessments, change what a test measures.Breakfast: For more information on supporting children with special needs in a child care program, check out the e Xtension Alliance for Better Child Care section on Child Care for Children with Special Needs. If a requested substitution meets the meal pattern requirements under any child nutrition program, the substitution can be made, but is not required.​​​ Substitutions must be made to the regular meal, including milk for any child with disabilities (i.e.Child care providers and directors should discuss the specific vegetarian diet with the parents, and decide how to accommodate the child's needs.If the menus cannot be changed completely, you may be able to make some substitutions for children who do not eat meat or other animal products.

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Here are some examples of possible accommodations for an IEP team to consider, broken into six categories: School assignments and tests completed with accommodations should be graded the same way as those completed without accommodations.

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