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Thus, the components of a reading program must also relate to one another, engage all children and meet their individual needs.

Reading activities may include: Theories on mathematics disabilities view spatial visualization and verbal skills as critical.

Reading assessment should include skill levels in decoding, fluency and comprehension.

As children learn to read, they learn how spoken and written language relate to each other.

Students should be encouraged to draw illustrations and representations whenever possible.

They should consistently discuss, read and write as they solve more complex computational and word problems.

Once established, this is a more efficient way to obtain information for client reporting.

It is important to make sure the provider’s agency records are aligned with the advisers.

Employers should consider allowing the employee to communicate with coworkers by Skype, telephone or email, rather than face-to-face.

Selection from these and other possibilities must be based on the individual needs of each child.

Information and ideas from a multidisciplinary team, including the parents and student, are important for developing an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that meets the unique needs of each student with learning disabilities.

An individualized education program in mathematics would concentrate on developing concepts and skills within such strands as: numeration, geometry, measurement, collection and interpretation of data, estimation/mental computations, patterns and relations and word problems/applications.

Concepts are best introduced with “hands-on” concrete materials.

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