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Metrication in other matters may have been of some help to exports, buz there can be no iustificatinn for changing our miles to kilo- metres. Dr Lea vis's exalted view of' the study of literature, this high seriousness of purpose, is reminiscent of Victorian England, though the manner- isms accompanying it - are not. His special combination of exaltation and rigour is falling out of fashion ag ain, chough Dr Leavis has continued to preach it as fiercely as ever. Kilometres all the way From Colonel Grmille Steel Sir, The hews today that an announcement will shortly be' made of the Government's intention to introduce the metric system on our roads is probably the first intima- tion to die genera] public that this is a mandatory obligation on this country by reason of oar member- shin of the EEC. Sir, hive published a lead- ing article (December 2 9 on the subject in a fairly light-hearted vein Even so, you point out that -ie advantage therein will -accrue to foreign visitors, and'vou hint at die enormous cost which wi’l fall largely on local authorities. ‘Fear if any ueopl* when voting “ Yes ” for the EEC realized such an implication. Sourhrnp Lodge, , , Lechlsde, Gloucestershire- The challenge from developing nations From Mr Caspar Brook Sir, Your issue of December 12 with your article on challenges to living standards in. The United States, with a metric currency, still stick to yards and miles.

I e*mnot believe that it is too late for a general expression of angry protest ro stop this stupidity. more developed coun- tries by the less developed countries bas only just arrived here. have overlooked an import- ant point — perhaps the most im- portant. IMPERIAL SERVICE QRd S HOME CIVIL SERVICE Jiny ui ngn; ». rt^i Tv In frn-s B*osnii, Nne-h nf ftenf Bd- W Orr. As for strategic arms, many major issues had already been settled. — President Carter' today promised to send a written reply to dissident Polish journalists who were ex- cluded from the first news con- ference given by an American President in a Marxist country. The President told a news conference that he would reply in writing to questions on human rights, sent to him by dissident Polish journalists.- They had been forbidden by the Polish authorities to attend the. The underground dissident newspaper O pinto asked for accreditation to cover Mr Car- ter's trip but was refused by the Polish conmrax Bst authori- ties.

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Moxted, KM Bodygoa ML Yeomen of the Guard i Bar to Royal Vlcorlan Medal l .

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