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Each year, many people of Danish descent visit the "old country" and they often use the trip find out more about where their family lived before they emigrated to the United States.

The following items are worth your special attention: Conduct books.

It is important that such material be not destroyed; if the family does not want to keep it, the Danes Worldwide Archives (address below) will be happy to receive it; the material will prove useful to emigration research as such, and may be of great help to other emigrants. of the immigrant generation An immigrant to a new country would undoubtedly often keep his naturalization certificate carefully stowed away.

Such a certificate may not contain information about the immigrant's birthplace, but usually it states when and where the immigration took place, and may lead on to the relevant official records on the matter.

Regular meetings of the Board are held on the first and third (if needed) Monday of each month commencing at p.m.; Special Board meetings are held at such times as the Board may direct.

In the event that a regularly scheduled Board meeting date falls on a legal holiday, such meeting shall normally be rescheduled to the following Monday (second Monday of the month). The Village President shall preside at such meetings and shall: Preserve order and decorum; Decide all questions of order; and, Conduct the proceedings of the meetings in accordance with the parliamentary rules contained in "Robert's Rules of Order".

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