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The Internet has always been about supply and demand.

Don't use "dating site." That's too broad and while it and its variations have high global monthly searches, the competition is steep for these keywords: , I decided to go for the divorced-men-and-women sub-niche, so my keywords would be like "dating sites for divorced men," or "where divorced men can get a date." Below are the Traffic Travis results for variations of these keywords: With the way the new Keyword Planner works, you already see the monthly searches for the variations of your main keyword. If you notice, the above results show me the monthly searches for other variations of my keywords.It goes without saying the UK, US, CA and AU will be the top performing regions for an affiliate program, but you can also earn commission from sales all over the world.With multiple user billing methods, from credit card to cash we aim to convert every lead possible.Or make it near impossible to separate revenue by country, device and offer?Or make you mess about to compare the pervious month with the current months projected forecast?

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For example, our dating brands are professionally built and ethically run businesses.

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