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If you’ve been treated poorly in the past or are struggling to move past a mistaken assumption that you deserve to be treated poorly, this type of affirmation will help you come to believe that you really are worthy of love (and that others will see that too).

Most people lose confidence in their interpersonal skills from time to time, especially if they’re looking for love and haven’t yet managed to find a good match.

Katherine Hurst used to live a normal life until something happened that changed her life forever.

The belief is that by focusing on what you want and believing it can happen, you can will that thing into existence. I had been single for a year and on-and-off online dating for another. About two weeks into saying my love affirmations day and night, in the shower, in the office, and everywhere in between; I met my now-fiancé. These 24 relationship affirmations will help you love yourself, open your heart, and let the right romantic love in.

Today I will continue to create the foundation of a happy and loving relationship.

Say it into the mirror at least five times before leaving the house.

An affirmation like this one helps you to get into the perfect mood for meeting someone for dinner or a drink.

You can even slip into the restroom to say it to yourself if you find your confidence faltering during a date.

I am so thankful for my partner and how caring they are. Each day I am so grateful for how loved I am and much people care about me. I know and trust that the Universe will only bring me loyal supporting and loving relationships. I open my heart to love and know that I deserve it.

I deserve to receive the love I get and I open myself to the love the Universe gives me. I am open to marriage and attracting my future spouse. My love (and/or marriage) grows stronger every day. I am capable and deserving of a long lasting relationship. My relationship will be open, honest and full of abundance.

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  1. Tell him that what would turn you on more than anything is resolving the issue at hand. Here's the flip side: He feels equally adored — and appreciative — when you go the extra mile for him. "It's not that he doesn't take note of what you do for him; he does," says Barton Goldsmith, Ph D, psychotherapist and syndicated columnist.