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In June of 2017, the pair was unceremoniously fired from the film during shooting and with only a few weeks of filming set to take place.

While specifics are being kept under wraps, the word is that the pair were allowing too much improvisation on their set and that upset both the studio and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan.

We also know that Han Solo's mentor, Tobias Beckett (more on him later) will be a major character in the movie, so we can probably expect to see how Han learned the skills to become a smuggler.

And, according to Paul Bettany, who plays another underworld character named Dryden Vos, it sounds like the movie will explore some unsavory characters in the A lot of Han Solo's backstory has been told through the Expanded Universe of books and comics.

Originally, the director's chair was handed to a pair of accomplished directors.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, fresh off success turning, we'll go with , were given control of the film.

movie will be his last foray into the galaxy far, far away.

It was an exciting idea for a lot of people as it gave a distinct indication that Lucas Film was looking for fresh takes and new ideas.

However, it appears that what the pair were doing wasn't quite what the studio was expecting.

In addition, it sounds like production was moving slower than the studio wanted.

Following the removal of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Ron Howard was announced to replace them.

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Even though we know now that this aspect of the plot is a reality, we can't really see the entire film being about it, so this is likely one plot point among several.

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