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Franz Ferdinand was probably my favorite new band when they formed and there is definitely a gay subtext in some of their songs ("Michael", "This Boy", and "Do You Want To" is what comes to mind, I'm not as familiar with their two most recent albums).That said, both the drummer and guitarist are married to women and there are several interviews that state they all had girlfriends when they met.

They also launched their third album at a gay club which is an interesting choice but doesn't really mean anything other than that support their gay fans.

Being a gay male, I am often frustrated at how there is very little explicitly homosexual songs in the mainstream.

We have Sam Smith, but most of his music could easily be about a boy or girl.

In 2015, the band collaborated with American band Sparks to form a supergroup named FFS.

Kapranos produced Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever – the third album by British indie rock group The Cribs in Vancouver BC, released on .

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