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Key crew members include Aaron Sorkin (Head writer/Show runner), Thomas Schlamme (Show runner/Director (four episodes), and Timothy Busfield (Director – six episodes/ Consultant- 20 episodes).The crew includes several people who worked with Sorkin and Schlamme on their previous shows (Sports Night and The West Wing).30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin said, "I'd be stunned if NBC picked up both shows.And ours has the tougher task, as a comedy, because, if it's not funny, that's it."I just can't imagine the audience would look at both shows, choose one and cancel the other out.Two shows debuting on 2006–07 NBC lineup, 30 Rock and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, revolved around the off-camera happenings on a Saturday Night Live-analogue sketch comedy series.Similarities between the two led to speculation that only one of them would be picked up.

Studio 60 consists of a single season of 22 episodes.

Sorkin left after The West Wing's fourth season and Chenoweth joined the cast during season six.

The Jordan Mc Deere character was loosely based on former ABC Entertainment President Jamie Tarses, who was a consultant on the show.

Fey said that "it's just bad luck for me that in my first attempt at prime time I'm going up against the most powerful writer on television.

I was joking that this would be the best pilot ever aired on Trio.

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