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Showing the soles of your shoes or feet to someone is a gesture of contempt, as is putting the palm of your hand close to their face. When in public, refrain from displaying affection to your partner.

Never, ever touch the back of someone’s neck, which is a serious insult. Homosexuality is taboo and results in rejection, exclusion, imprisonment. There are many incidents where police arrested groups of homosexuals in bars or restaurants. Between members of the same sex, hugs, kissing cheeks and back pats are all normal, even for men.

Asking about news of the family, the place you come from, your health etc.

is the opening stage of any encounter, even with people that you do not know well, such as the salesman that you buy your fruit from! You are not expected to return all those salutations, the usual ones and the frequent thank yous are enough.

Also mention where you’re from, and any of its unique or interesting features.

Later in the conversation, if you have practical questions about how to get something done in Egypt, or need tips about settling in, that’s a good ice-breaker as well. Politeness and endless salutations are very much part of verbal communication to an extent that it could be mind boggling to newcomers.

If you’re a woman, it can be taken as a sexual invitation.You will find there is a traditional salutation for every possible situation.That sometimes delays getting to the main topic on hand but it establishes a sense of ease and warmth.Due to their warm, hospitable nature, Egyptians hug, kiss and loudly welcome their friends and guests. Loosing face or making someone lose face is highly avoided. Non-verbal communication is very important in Egyptian culture, more than in Western societies.They are also very respectful and show deference when they meet someone for the first time. Avoid standing or sitting too closely with a member of the opposite sex, or looking steadily into their eyes, unless the person is doing the talking.

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