Ampeg amp serial number dating

Amps from this era still have the block-style Marshall logo and a centered chassis.

The model codes below should help you identify which model you have, while the characteristics described for each year should help with dating.

Marshall used letters as a date code to represent year of production.

It's important to note that, prior to 1984, this letter came last.

For models made between 1979 - 1981, the serial number will be on the front panel.

Keep in mind that no reliable serial number information exists for pre-1969 Marshall amps, so if your amp doesn't have a number matching one of the formats below, it is likely pre-1969 and identifiable by features rather than serial number.

Look for original black levant covering, a gray grille and the old block-style Marshall logo.Click on the links here to jump directly to the serial number style that matches your instrument: The earliest Marshall amp models did not have model codes or any official serialization, though some models had a simple sequential four-digit numbering system inside the back panel.These numbers supposedly started with 1001 and progressed from there, starting with 2001 at the beginning of 1964.The first Marshall amps were made in England starting in 1962.Production has continued there uninterrupted through today, though some lower-priced models are now made in China, India or Korea, depending on the series.

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