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And worst of all, there have been many negative lies resulting in a myriad of stereotypes perpetuated in mainstream media.We’re here to correct those false statements by providing you with a list of what dating an Asian man can possibly be like.If you’re concerned after reading this list, don’t worry! No one has all these traits at once – that would be too perfect.1.Courtship is Grand and Amazing Do you think courtship is only done in the past? This is the right way to win the heart of any girl.So throw away the stereotypes, and let’s get down to the facts.

Millions of women around the world have gone crazy about Asians guys as they’ve become more appealing in mainstream media.

When it comes to celebration, each country has different varying cultures and practices that have been passing down to their descendants for over hundreds of years by a different ancient civilization.

Different Festivals are celebrated around the continent all of which are full of color and amusing celebrations.

Some wonder what it’s like to date an Asian guy or are already in the budding stage of their AMWF relationship. We would like you to know what makes dating an Asian so great from food, family, hospitality, and culture to chivalrous gestures you thought were already gone and vanished from the surface of the earth.

Here are 10 reasons why an Asian would be the perfect partner. We only listed the most positive traits here, and it won’t apply to everyone.

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