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Yet compared with the other students in his class, Eliseo was exceptionally brilliant.This he had proven by sweeping majority of academic awards and recognitions.only a few speak up upon leaving because they know they will be subjected to character assassination and you will be the talk of the town once you said a negative thing about the church.i feel so happy that i had the courage to move out of our house (my family are devout members of this church) and live the life i wanted. i just hope all other members who are having second thoughts research more, and don't be afraid. don't waste your life blind following the teachings of that cult.Edit: I have been receiving a lot of hate messages recently. Add that to the reasons how i saw a lot of weird things going on.He requested for available block time slots to air “Ang Dating Daan.” The program showcased Brother Eli’s wisdom and eloquence in answering questions about the Holy Scriptures.With that, his rally against false and pretentious pastors and preachers came about.

Eliseo Soriano Presiding Minister, Members of the Church of God, International Eliseo Soriano — the man, the leader and the servant — remains steadfast in his faith.

i was a former member of ang dating daan (from the Philippines).

leaving that church was the best decision i have made in my life so far.

BIOGRAPHYELISEO SORIANO Y FERNANDO was born April 4, 1947 to Triunfo Soriano and Catalina Fernando in the City of Pasay, Metro Manila.

Out of eight siblings, he is seventh to the eldest. He disliked mingling with other people, save for his family.

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