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And because I was so unhappy and I am so happy now, that shows that you don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy. And as long as you have people around you that care about you and want more for you, you don’t even need to consider being in a relationship.And a lot of women that are, right now I know they don’t have family and friends, but they can just look for someone from [local Domestic Violence and Abuse agency] or anything, anywhere where they can look for help, and the people will help you and they will care about you and they will want more from you.

She has made that home paid all the bills make sure everything ran accordingly and there’s concerns of coarse of my dad living on his own he has no transportation is no way to buy food and now my mothers out of the home he won’t except help from any of the family and he thinks he can do all this on his own.The cop said you know they get old they believe what they believe in you can’t do anything about it and that one of them needed to leave so my poor mother of seen mind that just left the hospital was removed from her home with no clothes except a little bag.She forgot her shoes on the table he locked the door wouldn’t let her back in the cop just said goodbye another pair at the Goodwill or at the dollar tree.My dad is been baker acted twice diagnosed some dementia mostly hallucinations paranoia. If you don’t let any of the family in the house as he thinks we all want to move in and we don’t have homes of our own.He has taken at night and told my mother do you hear that do you hear that she’s also made her get on the floor he thought the mafia was after her. Recently he came in at 2 o’clock in the morning saying it was at the pump dump and had a knife in his hand.

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