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I’m not trying to read about you on the 10’o clock news, sis. I was lit in the club with my friends one night and ended up dancing with a guy who I thought was so fine.We switched numbers and agreed to meet up later that week.

You might miss out on meeting a wonderful person who can show you the city through their local point of view just because he was driving a punch buggy. You're bound to meet new people and possibly a new sweetie too. Use Dating Apps If you're looking for love, lust or a free tour guide (lol), you should definitely be using dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, while you're abroad.whoops- In some ways, dating abroad can be easier than dating at home.The best part about dating internationally is that you are a bit more free to ‘do’ you.Lower Your Standards (kinda)Listen, if you want a 6'2 man with the perfect body who's intelligent AND drives a Mercedes. It's not that you have to lower your standards because you're abroad, but you should.You're in a new place, time zone and hopefully, a new mindset. I'm not telling you to say yes to any and everything, but be more open about saying yes to opportunities to meet new people.

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We met at a bar in Shoreditch and sat and talked over drinks for I didn't push up on him and just let the conversation take its course naturally.

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