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This profile information is still confidential to the admin only but will offer some recourse for buyers if required.Posting privileges will not be approved without these steps.

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You can display an Excel workbook on a dashboard or other site page by connecting the workbook to an Excel Web Access Web Part.

Then, we'll look at a couple of tricks that allow you to work around some Excel limitations and see how a little VBA code can give you the results you want.

*****Do not post topic questions or comments here.****Post your want ads here - no commercial business ads, no links to outside websites, serial numbers on any equipment must be listed... Because they are free, the forum collects no information other than IP and valid email address of the person posting an ad.

All For Sale ad posters must do two things: 1) They must join the Selling User Group 2) They must have all contact information filled out in their profile.

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