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This article is primarily focused on Excel VBA macros, however many of these rules apply to Microsoft Access VBA macros as well. Turn off automatic spreadsheet calculation This rule is well known, but it is the most important rule.

The first five rules generally have the largest impact on macro performance. Please note that my estimates of time savings below may vary significantly for your specific application. When a new value is entered into a worksheet cell, Excel will recalculate all the cells that refer to it.

Next I learn that Excel uses SHA1 to encrypt spreadsheets instead of the previous method, which I assume was some sort of XOR with a one-character password.

With the new encryption scheme, protecting and unprotecting a worksheet in code takes a touch longer. I don’t know what exactly to do about the protection problem.

First, there’s the Single Document Interface (SDI). If you have two linked documents open and you calculate, both documents go into the calculation tree.

That’s where every document is in it’s own application container. So it’s not exactly separate application containers.

Not surprisingly, my desktop has better specs than his company-issued machine. I can cut his time down to ~45 seconds by removing the protection.

Even if we could stomach having unprotected templates, that’s not good enough. I’m going to increase my number of splits, but I’m not hopeful I’ll find the golden key.

It is easy to lapse into bad programming habits when working with small macros, but with large macros and macros that run a long time it is critical to use efficient coding.

I sprinkled some splits around the code to see if there was one area causing the problem. There must be something else in 2013 that’s taking a disproportionately long time compared to 2010. Have you experienced performance problems with 2013?

von: Peter Geschrieben am: Habe bisher Excel 2010 verwendet und da hat "Application.

Its main purpose is to allow you to put one spreadsheet on one monitor and a different spreadsheet on another monitor. My problem with SDI is that I was still using Excel 2003 menus for five addins. It forced me to rewrite them using the Ribbon UI – not a bad thing, but my client probably wasn’t including that cost in the cost of upgrade.

But we have fancy new ribbon icons, so all is well, right?

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Sometimes you want to see where you are on the worksheet, or highlight relevant ranges as you navigate, depending on which cell you have currently selected.

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