Aqueduct lime scale dating

Another innovation was the use of settling tanks at regular intervals to regulate the water supply.Aqueducts could be over 100 kilometers (62 miles) long.It was built entirely with dry materials, without the need of any masonry.Stones some of which weigh about 6 tons were hoisted 40m high and maintained by seals carved on site.

Bridges had arches consisting of individual arch stones (longer on one end than the other) called , which efficiently distributed the bridges’ weight.This is one of the most visited French monuments every year.The Romans are known for their remarkable engineering feats, be they roads, bridges, tunnels, or their impressive aqueducts.Only the tallest part, at the height of the canal, is made of rubblestone fused with mortar.The Pont du Gard is magnificently beautiful thanks to its elegant forms and natural surroundings that have hardly suffered the ravages of time in 20 centuries.

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