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Some of that traffic will be devoted to such mundane matters as e-commerce for basic household necessities. But not everyone agreed."I do not agree that you have to help the housewife to get a bar of soap or whatever she wants," said Hosam El Sokkari, head of BBCArabic, which provides original Arabic-language news reporting on its site.News like that from the outside world – El Sokkari works in London – changes the way people in the Arab world have access to information, not just directly, but indirectly. They have a choice: Either they are going to become backward, or they are going to liberalize.B babes babysitter banging bathing bbw bdsm beach beautiful bedroom bigass bigcock bigtits bikes bikini bitch black blonde blowing blowjob boobs booty bottle brazil breast brianna bride british brooke brunette brutal bukkake butt schoolgirl secretary sexy shaving shemale shower showing shyla sister skinny slave sleep slut smalltits smoking sofa solo spank sperm spycam squirting stocking strapon striptease student suck swallow sweet swinger 0.

The cultural controls imposed on people living in the Arab world make them hungrier to explore the world of dot-com sexual thrills, he said."Of course there is a much bigger need in the Arab world because of the sexual suppression," he said. It's not because they are oversexed, or their sexual needs are more than other people.

Arabic papers are gaining more freedom, bit by bit."Because a piece of news appears on the Internet, the newspaper is able to say, ' I am not publishing this news, I am not breaking this story, I am only republishing it,'" El Khoury said. They are either going to allow their people to use the new technology that other people are using, or they are going to destroy their countries. "People like me see the Internet as an opportunity to work toward real, democratic government.

"To censors, this is an important distinction."The governments have not changed in the Middle East. It is a force too powerful for any government to stop, unless they want to harm their own people.

But ongoing trends are likely to lend growing weight to the argument against this position.

According to Wissam El Solh, CEO of Netakeoff in Beirut, Lebanon, Internet penetration among the 280 million people in the Arab world will increase from 2 million users last year to 3.5 million this year to more than 30 million in 2005.

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Sex is both graphic reality and metaphor for the possibilities out there, including something as taken for granted in the United States as news of the world."Knowledge is not owned by anybody," said Anas Haddad, content manager of Saudia Arabia-based, during the panel discussion.

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