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Because their cool and calm appearance is often staged as a means of controlling the argument, a psychopath is vulnerable to extreme and rapid changes in temperament.

When they feel that their balanced exterior no longer serves its purpose, and especially when they sense they are being out-argued, they will flick a switch and unleash a torrent of abuse, a barrage of flattery, a tirade of criticism, or some other form of manipulation.

They can stay calm even when you are losing your composure, and when you finally blow your top and react with annoyance, they will belittle you for it.

As you argue with a psychopath, you will get a sense of just how warped their view of the world is.

They often see things completely differently to others, and this twisted vision of reality forms a basis for their arguments.

They not only create unrecognizable world views by themselves; they assimilate equally distorted information to bolster their beliefs and convince themselves of new ones.

It will often seem like an attitude of denial and can be regularly seen among climate skeptics, conspiracy theorists, and other such groups.

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