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As a Ashley Fires member you will be a part of my sex crazed life.

He's had more girlfriends than he's had hot dinners, which can cause a few problems when a few of them are in his immediate circle of friends. He's always the first to volunteer, the first to make a suggestion.

He, along with everyone else, goes after her outside the lodge and calls for her to come back.

Once Hannah's twin sister Beth gets outside, she asks him what happened, to which he replies that it was all just a prank.

It should be noted Mike may have a fear of misfortune towards his friends or them turning against him or each other.

This is supported by the fact he fears the idea of Emily becoming a Wendigo, considers Chris unreliable after Chris knocks out Josh, expresses disbelief at the idea of Hannah cannibalizing Beth, and is also shown to exhibit a slight martyr complex, declaring that he will keep his friends safe and will risk himself to go to the Wendigos' lair alone, as well as sacrificing his own life to kill the Wendigos if needed.

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