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Why do these prominent and powerful men risk all for erotic love?She seems to have loved and supported him for a very long time -- over 20 years -- and put up with his extramarital affairs, but in the end, she had had enough and left him.Your last chapter deals with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who allegedly raped a hotel maid.

She wants to say something, but of course Habaek’s phone rings. Moo Ra reveals that Yoo He confessed to Bi Ryeom about his involvement in Joo Dong’s memory loss. Secretary Min, however, doesn’t believe her that his boss gave her a back hug. Ja Ya is perplexed what is So Ah doing besides Hoo Ye. Their newest information is that she even signed the contract, but then canceled it because of leopard poop? So Ah returns to her clinic but is unpleasantly surprised by Ja Ya waiting for her. The next morning So Ah leaves as early as the day before. Would you say what you’re feeling right now is sympathy towards humans or love?

They’re clear and sharp of their pursuing intentions.

I tend to find these confused moments to be hilarious and endearing.

You've discussed how many French women, unlike most American women, will tolerate her husband's mistress or affairs.

A French woman said, "It is better to eat dirt with someone you love, than to eat chocolate cake alone." Does the fear of being alone and lonely override a French woman's attitudes toward sexual infidelity?

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