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I need from my application execute this procedure and than get data by SELECT query. Dear friend even i looking for this solution, how do i manage transaction support for multiple formview on a page with thier respective sqldatasource controls.

If you find please do let me know My emialid is [email protected] modified at Friday 9th November, 2007Hi, Thanks a lot for this tutorial, but when I tried to implement it I got this exception.

I was able to get everything to work correctly with the Grid View except when it came to performing an update.

My first issue that I came across was that it was tacking on two extra columns or fields that I didn't really expect.

How do I access the templated fields inside the SQL Data Source Updating event?

Hi Steve, I guess you want to access a control in the Form Template on the On Updating event. instead of the actual names I wanted, such as txt Company, txt Plan_Type, etc.

For demonstration I have created a database (named Database.mdf) in which we have a table named tbl_Employee.

When I click the edit selected row button, a custom edit form displays below the row displaying 30 different fields. Once I am done editing, I click the update button and SQL Data Source Updating event is kicked off where I need to set the values for the parameters of the SQL Data Source .

This is a stored proc that gets executed by the datasource.

I have a hard time fathoming why this seemingly simple use of the Grid View on my part has turned out to be very complicated.

I'm extremely leary now of using the Object Data Source object for anything if it's going to be this much of an effort.

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