Asus p527 updating to wm6 1

I am hopeful the HP 914c lasts a full 12-14 hr day.

Dead in 4-5 hours with 3G/push email but without Wi Fi. The problem with the Ubi is that it doesn't charge properly either.

Didya see the *other* bold line: A new Touch Dual for the U. Hmmmm Hey guys....really interested in this unit so if anyone can give us a more hands on review...a summary review would be great. keyboard functionality and tactile feel (it looks quit cramped) 2. I don't have a problem with the charger and with periodic Wi Fi use I've been able to consistently get 8-9 hours out of it before a recharge. It seems odd to say, but it seems to have gotten more stable over time.

I don't have a problem with the charger and with periodic Wi Fi use I've been able to consistently get 8-9 hours out of it before a recharge. It seems you have one of the few that actually works properly!

But what makes it feel great in the hand is the width.

It rests and you close your palm, feels just right.

I was a bit concerned about the 5 position 'nub' but it seems that it is well designed and the action is positive, at least mechanically.deani.u guide me step by step how to safely flash my p525..reading at xda-developers & i found it very confusing..i thought it juz simply put the latest version in mini SD but after reading at that web,u must flash another version and then the latest one.afraid i will brick my p525.p525 still virgin 4 ur infomation..thanks deani I will give you on monday. It failed because of your bootloader was old version.I just have to hold my breath another 30-60 days for the HP 9 series and it'll all be worth it.And I know you'll be next in line M Unfortunatly I have been holding my breath for a while and I am turning blue.

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I am amazed that it is so difficult to design and release a real WM QWERTY bar phone compared to the pace of sliders and touch focused devices. Regards TDMA/GSM: Nokie 8260, Nokie 2260, Nokie 3360, Motorola V60, V551, Nokia 6555, SDA, Blackberry 7100, TYTN, Blackberry 8320, Blackberry 8310, Treo 750v, Motorola Q Global, i Mate 8502 CDMA: Sanyo VM4500, Sanyo 8200, Sanyo MM5500, Blackberry 7250, Motorola Q, Samsung i760 "What are they thinking?

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