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“When I’m coming from a place of scarcity, a place where everything feels like it isn’t enough, I often feel that I’m insufficient without more experience, and therefore at risk of lowering my boundaries and putting myself in unsafe situations.Ironically, feeling like I’m “too much,” like my needs are a burden, is also a form of scarcity: it indicates that I don’t think I’m worthy of my needs being met.If the idea of beginning a romantic or sexual relationship without romantic or sexual experience is scary, consider the journeys you’ve gone on with friends.Before I ever dated someone, I had already built complex, stable, emotional, life-affirming friendships.Context is missing (by design), so expect some comedy answers in between with the sincere stuff. Also, in this process, make sure you don’t neglect your own friendships & social connections. 2 “He just moved closer and now I want to break up.” It happens. I’m telling a story about it in Chicago this Friday.

16 “How do you get your husband to set boundaries with his parents?I’m sure that’s not an easy decision, but what if you could make decisions about what you want without calling yourself names in the process?5 “captain awkward how to dump someone” Quick review: 6 “Hi dad mom died sex” Whatever word association game is being played here, I want out.Do you really want our relationship to be about these tattoos you don’t like, or could we find a way to just be kind to each other?” 10 “I’m scared my parents are gonna catch me stealing their Adderall.” Well, yeah!

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