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If you’re caught doing it you risk fines or imprisonment, as does the agent who agreed to do it.

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You remember that your lawyer once told you that without a contract you do not legally own your website. Finally you prepare the contract and your designer agrees to sign it. Should it be dated when the contract is signed or back when you first started working together? The reason contract dates are important is because that is when your legal rights begin.

For example, if the contract is dated today, who owns that portion of the website code that was developed prior to signing the agreement? So, you paid the designer in full but you don’t own the website?

Some states will the amount of backdate to six months.While this may seem harmless, in extreme circumstances in NSW, it could land you in gaol for up to 10 years, because, contrary to some popular belief, backdating is not only not recommended, it is fraudulent and illegal.Depending on the intention, legislation in Australia makes it a crime for someone to make a false document, and that includes a document that purports to have been made on a date when it was not in fact made. You may do more harm than good In terms of trusts (such as SMSFs and family trusts), they come into existence only when a person (the trustee) holds an asset (trust property) on trust for someone else (the beneficiary). Yet, we sometimes see trust deeds which are dated, let’s say 1 July 2015, when the corporate trustee was not incorporated until 3 July 2015.You meet with your designer and toss around some ideas. There are several versions, lots of back and forth conversation.You get really excited about how great your website is going to look. Somewhere along the way, you realize there is no contract. One week turns into two weeks, two weeks into a month or two months.

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