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My Captain is demanding a Dr note for anyone who calls in during this holiday week. Or is my papers today, and he suddenly started asking me questions about whether I have been doing my job correctly. Is it legal for him to do so after I've been approved?

Company has farmed out FML management to a third party concern. I have supplied certification of serious health condition form ( there's ) completed by my health c... I am fully disabled with Multiple sclerosis and another serious illness called Churg Strauss Syndrome..some really horrible side effects because of treatment ... A little less than 2 years ago a got a new manager.

I am a public school teacher in the state of California and I am expecting a baby early next year. Prior to the new manager I never had any problems leaving work ...

The district HR department has given me conflicting accounts regarding my maternity leave benefits. I am a manager at a large retail company and am currently 8 weeks pregnant.

The employee’s manager was also unhappy with the manner in which the employee let the manager know that she was out sick (she taped the doctor’s note to the manager’s door), and as a result the employee was terminated. The decision will require employers covered by the FMLA (generally, those with 50 or more employees within 75 miles of the employee’s worksite) to exercise more caution than ever when dealing with an employee who claims he or she has been out sick, but fails to provide medical certification for the full absence.

The decision made clear that the employee’s self-diagnosis is not enough – there must be some medical documentation. The decision provides helpful guidance to employers on considering evidence beyond doctor’s notes, but still leaves many questions unanswered, including the key issue of how much “medical evidence” is needed in combination with the employee’s own claims.The employer questions the legitimacy of the employee’s time off and tells her so when she returns to work. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (which covers Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware) held that a short absence with conflicting medical evidence and employee testimony may establish a period of protected FMLA leave – thereby barring any discrimination or discipline based on the absence.The employee did not request Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) time off and the employer did not provide her with paperwork to fill out for such leave. This case ruled that the employee’s description of her illness, combined with “some medical evidence,” can be sufficient to establish a protected absence due to a “serious health condition,” as required under the FMLA.I developed infection at one of the sites, which required several follow ... I turned in a doctors note to notify my company as such. He told me that I would cost the company too much money, even if I died. I am a Union member that within our contract we have a 45 day period starting the day we are notified of the lay offs, instead of being laid off the same day. I have been under my doctor's care since then and have gotten continued prescriptions to stay out of work due to continued pneumonia.I am trying to resolve a disagreement between HR and my doctor on how a "rolling work week" applies to my defined "regular work schedule." 1) The Eligibility paperwork That I signed for granting my in... I am a full time nurse, now going into third week out of work, my ...

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