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I’ve mentioned this a few times previously because I’ve been able to make some important connections to the reading I’ve done and the work I am trying to do at this point in time.

One of the more important things that I remember that keeps coming up over and over is the concept of locus of control.

Advertisers rely on this– how else would they get consumers to desire their product above others?

Too often, though, many of us tend to become immersed in that place of lack.

The student with the external locus of control will look at their failing grade and decide that the teacher simply does not like them, the material was not taught properly, their friend stole their favorite pen that day, etc.

In short, the second student does not accept the responsibility of failure. There is very little room for self-improvement with the second student and there is a higher likelihood of depression and anxiety developing with a mindset as such.

I’d been listening to my friends concerns recently and I’d been reflecting on my own relationship, so the timing was perfect.

Alison explains in her video that this book is based on attachment theory, the idea that how we behave in relationships is formed when we are babies.

I’m a big fan of Alison Lessard and a couple of weeks ago she posted this great video on her youtube channel, in which she recommended a book that I never would have found or read on my own.

Each of us are faced with a multitude of choices on a daily basis, but the most important choices we are faced with are how we choose to view adversity that we may face. xo Kara It’s been awhile since I’ve updated and I apologize for that.

We all face hardships in our lives, but how we choose to deal with those hardships is truly what shapes our existence. We are all capable- and, more importantly, responsible- for the creation of our own existence. I have this habit of beginning drafts of blog posts in my head and then never sitting down at the computer to type them out. We all want love in our lives, but we all have very different approaches on how we go about finding it. There’s a desire– whether it is conscious or not– for companionship and someone else having your back through good times and bad.

As someone who studied behavioral psychology as an undergrad, I was intrigued by these ideas and almost immediately purchased this book. I’ve recommended it to several people so far and I was moved enough to sit my butt in front of the computer and write this post for REAL rather than writing it in my head.

I’m not going to go into great detail as to what the book discusses.

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There may be tangible reasons that make those situations appealing or unpleasant, but ultimately it comes down to a gut feeling. So what does energy have to do with the concept of gratitude?? We make choices in every moment of our existence and as a result we are the creators of the world as we see it.

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