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the other be2 customers who have been recommended to him/her.In principle, be2 only allows direct contact to be established between the customers if both customers are in mutual agreement.Providing an e-mail address has the sole purpose of aiding contact between be2 and the customer; this e-mail address will not be passed on to other be2 customers.(known as "Premium Membership"), to which these General Terms and Conditions also apply.However, be2 endeavors to mediate contact between the be2 customers by providing the technological means to this end.(3) be2 is not liable for the misuse of data and information as the possibility exists, despite its explicit prohibition (see also "6.Customer's obligations"), that customers may use the be2 Service in an improper or illegal manner.In such an event, any amount up to 350 $ CA already paid to be2 will not be refunded but retained as a penalty.be2 also reserves the express right to demand a flat-rate penalty of up to 350 $ CA from customers who have paid no amount or an amount lower than 350 $ CA.

For the purposes of unique authorization and protection against misuse, it is absolutely necessary that the customer at the very least specifies his/her be2-registered e-mail address, the country whose be2 Service he/she is using and his/her user name (or alternatively, the Code allocated to him/her) in his/her messages to be2.(1) be2 is not liable for the accuracy of the details provided by be2 customers during the personality test.Registration via the be2 i OS App requires the prior download of the App via the Apple i Tunes App Store.Registration via the be2 Android App requires the prior download of the App via the Google Play Store.This will not prevent the assertion of any claims for greater losses actually incurred., where they are compared with the data from all other be2 customers.The comparison is based on a mathematical algorithm (a set of rules for calculation) that allows statements to be made about the compatibility of two customer profiles.

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