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We in Hamburg thought that these shouldn’t be bought with taxpayers’ money.

So why are folk all of a sudden worrying about this? In an effort to reduce waste and as part of a green procurement drive, the German city of Hamburg has banned coffee pods, and thus coffee pod machines, from all state-run buildings.

With an aging block of insureds, rates will have to increase. It’s believed by having the Medicare beneficiary pay the deductible themselves, they’ll think twice before seeing the doctor.

As rates increase, anyone who is healthy enough to pass underwriting requirements will move to a new plan. Of course, some argue this legislation could have the opposite effect.

We have noticed more and more people visiting our site looking for information on Tassimo pods or T-discs and specifically wether they are being phased out or if Tassimo is going out of business or being discontinued.

We found this intriguing and so thought we would present the facts to help answer some of your questions.

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  1. As we don't have any influence with the networks we can't control what they charge, so we legally have to say that the networks' uplift, or access charge is particular to the phone company that you use and is in addition to our weensy little service charge for the call contents!