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I find Ben's comments about his private life to be enlightening and hopefully it'll help people (Cavill haters) understand that it's a choice to not want to talk about one's real private life. If you've seen Jennifer Aniston in person you'll understand. I think you're reiterating my point - they fall into the category of nobody gaf. And it just seemed like he was loath to even say he was gay publically.

As I recall, his character does spend some of the play squeezing Colin Morgan's character's nuts, though.

In the play Baby has a fixation on the idea that Skinny Luke loves him and wants to fuck him.

It fits the play for Skinny to be played by an attractive fit looking guy.

I haven't watched the super definitive mini series (remember clips of it as it was repeated ad infinitum and gave me an early taste of homosexuality), but that abridged version was nice enough. I hope he finds happiness someday, because he won't be able to maintain a relationship in Hollywood if he doesn't want to get caught.

I just remember how despicable it was, why he dropped by friend.

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