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Or you’ve dated someone for a few weeks, met their friends, spent tons of time together then gradually they became too busy to see you until they disappear all together. Examples of : “Yeah I think Monday could work” • “You can come if you want” • ‘Read at pm • Two days of no texts and then a drunk text at 11pm • Not liking any of your social media posts despite sleeping together • Talks about exes a lot Examples of True story: After dating a guy for a few weeks – a purely casual and mainly sexual relationship – I left the guy’s house one Saturday morning to discover his lift wasn’t working.

I texted him to ask where the stairs were and he told me then I said, “Thanks, talk later”.

While this blog probably doesn’t get you excited about going on dates, I don’t believe all hope is lost.

It’s not impossible to find a person that’s a good fit for you.

True Story: When I moved to Copenhagen I was talking to someone about how bad dating is in Berlin.

Then I told them about how popular open relationships are. After I explained it to them, they asked me, “What’s the relationship part?

Two random women overheard our conversation and both cheered in agreement as they walked by.

Try not to let getting ghosted or disappointing behavior get you down.

Dating should be fun, once its not, it’s ok to take a break from it.

The rise of the Softboy Most women are familiar with the term “fuckboy” and are understandably anti-fuckboy, but so are some men. They want to treat you with respect, take you out on dates and even offer to pay, and they talk openly about their feelings but after months of this, he still isn’t interested in anything serious. Instead of misleading you about what they want just to get you in bed, softboys appeal to you emotionally, leading you to fall for them but run at the first sign of any commitment.

It’s fine for you to spend the night with each other, they introduce you to their friends, they tell you stories that tug at your heart strings but at the first sign things are getting serious they’re out.

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