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UK & Ireland this October which will focus exclusively on bisexual dating.In a UK TV first, the show will see a group of bisexual (bi, pansexual, fluid, etc.) or questioning British singletons sent on the ultimate adventure to find be set against the cosmopolitan backdrop of Barcelona – the LGBTQ capital of Europe.Maybe this is two steps back, but there’s such an insurgence from minorities,” she shares.“There are gay people in every community, there are bi people in every community and they can come together with a bit of strength.

With chat rooms, personals, forums, instant messaging, photo albums, contests and more, there's always something to do! We just want to say we are very impressed with your site. Â Thank you big time for offering us this opportunity to expand our horizons and truly enjoy everything life has to offer in this exciting sexual world.“It was such a fun experience to see them not having to answer to the traditional tropes and misconceptions of bi people.” she continued on.And after the show’s premiere this past Thursday in the UK, the show has received good reviews from bisexual people.“It’s a common misunderstanding, that when a bisexual person is dating someone of the opposite sex that they are now straight, or if they are dating someone of the same sex they are now gay.The truth is that bisexual people remain bisexual regardless of who they’re dating, having sex with or are married to.” Like many TV shows that involve dating — the intention is for the viewer to have a good time watching the fun experience play out — with the Bi Life as no exception.

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Entertainment Television in the UK as we bring a fresh take on the full diversity of modern British relationships.

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