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I’ve personally made a lot of money in this niche from both males and females, and my Female Dating Advise website (using a pen name) has gotten a lot of traffic and a lot of positive attention.Here are just a few ideas within the dating niche: MMO (Make Money Online) is another niche that’s NOT going to go away.

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It’s time for couples to celebrate romance and love.

In different countries, they have many different ways …

With a little digging around the net and some basic keyword research, it should be easy to uncover quite a few more.

Try to narrow things down to a sub-niche, as it’ll usually be less competitive and easier to rank for in Google if you’re going for Organic Traffic.

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  1. Still, teens were “accidentally” dialing adult lines specifically designed for hookups. even had a Bitch Line for people to call and vent about their coworkers or spouses. “I’m not that popular at school,” Paula, 15, told She called in four or five times per day (at per minute). I met Eddie, who plays guitar for me, and Brett, who is in a drug rehab center and calls to say, ‘Don’t use drugs.’ But my mother won’t let me give out my address because I’m too young to have a boyfriend.”And virtually anyone with a few hundred dollars lying around could buy up a local number, advertise it, and if it caught on, start raking in cash.

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