Bloomberg spreadsheet not updating

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Range("A6") On Error Go To err Handler While srange. Quit why not build an autoopen macro in the spreadsheet that refreshes the data when the workbook is opened Then your script just has to open spreadsheet (the autoopen could save it's self and send it's self as an email as well then close it's self) I take it the script is so this update can occur automatically Always Test on a copy ALWAYS No warranty or guarantee is explicitly or implicitly implied You accept and use any code or solution at your own risk If you are given a solution beyond your current skill level use with an appropriate level of caution and if using at your place of work it is your responsibilty to inform others of any support or understanding shortfall due to the source of the solution.I am copying formulas into a worksheet to get Bloomberg data, but the data is not refreshing. Select the "Refresh Every" check box and enter the number of minutes you want Excel to wait between automatic updates.Click "OK." Tricia Goss' credits include Fitness Plus, Good News Tucson and Layover Magazine.

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The only way so far I've found to get these cells to pull in current data is to delete them and rewrite the formulas.

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