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What I want to say is that all five exist in this spot because we shared a time of precious hardships. There’s been a lot of prank calls lately, it’s difficult for us to take every call.

When I first read Junsu’s tweet, I thought, ‘He’s making a mistake.’ I can get over what he said about me, but to use the term ‘enemy’ against not only our staff, but to our seniors as well, was not right of him.

Although I received IV treatments, my voice still didn’t improve in the morning, so I worried a lot.

It still hasn’t improved yet.”When asked about the efforts they took on as a two-membered TVXQ, Yunho replied, “While preparing for the album with only two members, I thought that I had to make it live up to the standards of ‘TVXQ’.

Changmin said, “As opposed to just saying the generic response of ‘My first attempt at acting was hard,’ the six months I spent in Jeju Island was an opportunity for me to reflect. The time spent there filming was truly amazing for me, and despite it being difficult, I’ll never forget them.”Yunho said, “The viewer ratings for my drama, ‘Heading to the Ground,‘ may have literally headed to the ground, but I was able to improve myself through acting.

I’m working hard on showing a better image of myself through ‘Poseidon,’ and I’m trying to avoid rushing into it.”Changmin replied, “I don’t want to give up either of those.

I think I would’ve been upset if we worked hard on creating that road and nobody walked on it.

Bo A and Kang Ta also watched and reviewed our first broadcast.”Then what is the relationship like between Yunho and Changmin?

Changmin replied, “Our relationship has gotten stronger over the past two years.

Yunho elaborated, “We heard that the vocals for this album were similar to our former albums.

We tried to investigate different ways to show off our strengths through the choreography, and so we brought in talented dancers.

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