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Her skin was prickly, and she headed upstairs, she wanted a nice, cool shower.

At the top of the stairs, she heard her 18 year old sister Julie, damn, she could hear the bathtub faucet going, hell, she beat me to it. She turned down the hallway, and was about to enter her room when she heard a moan coming from the bathroom, what the hell was that?

The door to Chloe’s bedroom opened, and she saw her sister step into the hallway, totally naked, and start walking away from her towards the bathroom.

Julie’s breath caught, oh god, Chloe had grown up into a wildly sexy teen.

Julie drove it down to the end of the street, parked it there, and scurried back.

She knew that Chloe was gonna put on a show, and she could feel her pussy moisten up, the idea of watching her sister masturbating just like she had been was making her hot.

She drank it all in, her high, tight white ass, moving in a harmonious rhythm. But her body betrayed her, she could feel her juices start the churning, and she was powerless to resist.

A stream of water was gushing out of the tap, and pouring right down over her pussy.

Chloe started, fascinated, transfixed by the sight, her sister evidently liked the bare pussy look, her mound was freshly waxed, as the water poured down.

How in the hell were people supposed to do anything outside?

If it wasn’t for air conditioning, this land would still belong to the Indians.

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