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Naturally, this means that you’ll have to play your part as well and contribute to the conversation. You’ll fail a couple of time while dating offline or online before finding someone you click with.Listen keenly and ask pertinent questions, show that you understand them and treat their boundaries with respect. It might take some time or it just might happen spontaneously.If you can’t find anyone to date with in your local circle then it’s time to enter the vast world of online dating!Over 40 million baby boomer singles are dating online in the US alone and needless to say for the right reasons.As our subtitle suggests, we are indeed coffee shop fans.We are strong believers that most (if not all) first dates should be at coffee shops, especially if you’re looking for love after 50.For all baby boomer singles what matters most is that you keep trying.

Let them take their time to make you want to feel to be with them.A first date location more than anything needs to be a conversation starter–literally! We are not saying bars have never produced a serious relationship, but why drown yourself in so many slippery distractions? Again, first dates are about getting to know each other. Both parties can equally decide the length of the date based on how they ‘feel’ about each other.In plain(er) words, you can cut the date short if you don’t like them. You can actually talk without almost any distractions at coffee shops.

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