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Plans are generally not made very far in advance, and people will often show up fashionably late — or wind up not following through at all.

What’s more, you’ll probably wind up hanging out with the family, too.

The sweet nothings come freely, and they’re often not entirely sincere — especially if they’re coming from someone you just met.

Brazilians are a passionate bunch, but as we all know, passion is something you live in the moment. Not only do Brazilians openly and frequently show affection in public, but they also rarely show up in public without their significant other.

And if you do manage to get a cutie’s number, aim to call them the next day.

Of course, none of this is to say that you shouldn’t pay attention to your new acquaintance’s body language.

When she later expressed her displeasure with his detached style, he realized that he would need to adopt a “Brazilian arm” — an arm put around his girlfriend’s shoulders, holding her hand. There are many stereotypes about dating in Brazil, or Brazilian (flirting), but a few seem to be unanimously agreed-upon. What counts as “PDA” in other parts of the world is pretty much just normal and expected in Brazil.

Affection can be expressed in many ways, but a lack of physicality will leave your lover cold.

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They’re effortless charmers, and they love — perhaps so much that they can make anyone feel like a million bucks.

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