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With over 4 hours of video content and interactive exercises, you'll learn the fundamentals of options trading and how to employ effective strategies within the options market. is an American technology company specializing in data and storage networking products, now a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc.A Pulitzer Prize-winning story published in The Wall Street Journal finally blew the lid off of the scandal.(See also: As a result, firms restated earnings, fines were paid and executives lost their jobs—and their credibility.

A series of two follow-up studies by professors elsewhere suggested that the uncanny ability to time options grants could only have happened if the granters knew the prices in advance.This enabled companies to issue enormous compensation packages to senior executives without notifying shareholders.Although this practice gave the senior executives significant stock holdings, since the grant was issued at-the-money, the share price had to appreciate before the executives would actually earn a profit.When senior executives realized that they could look backward for the date during which their firm's stock was at its lowest trading price and then pretend that was the date they were issued the stock grants, a scandal was born.By faking the issue date, they could guarantee themselves in-the-money options and instant profits.

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