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The proboscis of Lepidoptera consists of a pair of greatly extended groove-like external lobes of the lower jaws fastened into the form of a tube through which food is sucked in.Of the remaining parts of a typical insect mouth, the Lepidoptera have only a pair of labial palpi which support the coiled proboscis on both sides. In the nonfeeding species of Lepidoptera, the proboscis sometimes has completely disappeared.The order was named from the scales (“pollen”) which cover their wings. The entire exceptional diversity of colors and patterns of the wings of Lepidoptera is created by the structure and pigmentation of their scales.The color generally is determined by varying kinds of pigments, but the brightest shining colors (iridescence, luster, and so forth) are caused by the very thin structure of the scale surface which causes the complex phenomena of refraction and diffraction.Among the European Lepidoptera, the largest is the giant silk moth, or Saturnia pyri (12–15 cm).There are also midget forms with wings about 3 mm across, for example, the pygmy moth (Stigmellidae).The auditory organs are located either in the area of the metathorax (owlet moths, prominents) or at the base of the abdomen (measuring worms and Pyralidae).The perceived sound waves lie in the high-frequency range (15–80 kilocycles per second).

To a significant degree the evolution of Lepidoptera has occurred in the direction of improving flight.For the butterflies which are active in the daytime, this is a means for recognizing others of the same species.Here a role is also played by the “concealed” (for man) patterns which are caused by the varying reflection by different wing parts of ultraviolet rays which are perceived by the insect eye.The organs of vision in Lepidoptera are well developed.On the sides of the head are large hemispherical compound eyes consisting of an enormous number (up to 27,000) of om-matidia, which produce a general mosaic image.

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