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From the 1920s the city was the chief port of entry for communist ideology reaching China from the Soviet Union.

In December 1936 the city was the site of the Xi’an (Sian) Incident, which marked the beginning of united Chinese Nationalist and communist resistance against the Japanese.

There are also some interesting pieces around that are marked with USA Patent dates and details.

The impressed letters first appeared in 1860 with the year letter ‘O’.

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The Shaanxi History Museum preserves artifacts and art objects spanning Chinese history from Paleolithic times through the Qing dynasty.Early Wedgwood works may be unmarked, but the presence of the correct mark is an indication that the piece is genuine and should allow you to determine its true age.Before 1781 very few unmarked pieces can be correctly attributed to Wedgwood.Just to the south the Qin (Tsingling) Mountains rise dramatically above the plain.The Xi’an region is one of the most important in the history of China, both as the capital of several ruling dynasties and as a market and trade centre.

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A regional international airport, northwest of the city, has service to most major mainland cities and Hong Kong, as well as to a number of foreign destinations.

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