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- Dr Eugene Viljoen, sexologist A little red wine could be good for your gut What your bladder is trying to tell you about your health Ever wondered why your skin itches uncontrollably?Is it just a myth or can cold weather cause a cough?The range, scope, and prevalence of sex technology in 2015 makes the AOL chatrooms of 1997 seem quaint.Snapchat, Tinder, and even Facebook double as social networks, dating platforms, and subtle messaging systems for sexual missives.

Typing away on their computer keyboards, sending and receiving messages on their screens, they are in a place beyond meditation.

This includes sex with partners, masturbation or the use of sex as part of exploring new relationships. For the cybersex addict the sexual behaviour is driven, compulsive and hidden.

They use sex to cope, to handle boredom, anxiety, to feel important, wanted or powerful.

72 % of the addicts report that they were physically abused as children, 81 % sexually abused and 97 % report to have been emotionally abused in their lives.

Healthy adults use sexuality as an integrated life experience.

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The problem starts when the online fantasy lives are so intense that off-line relationships may suffer.

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