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In 1937 he was chosen to compose and conduct for the “Columbia Workshop”, a CBS radio series featuring the talents of several great writers and directors.This followed in 1938 with similar work for their drama series “The Mercury Theatre on the Air”, whose brilliant founder-director was a twenty-three year old Orson Welles and whose Holloween Eve production of H. Wells’s Herrmann’s film music career, which overlapped his tenure at CBS Radio, was further established through his work at 20th Century-Fox, where the studio’s music director Alfred Newman hired him to score (1951).Although this situation is changing, it is still the case with Sidney William Hawkins Robertson Cowell, an internationally known ethnomusicologist, and her husband, pioneering American composer Henry Cowell.Both of them were associates of Alan Lomax, and it was probably more through Sidney Cowell than anyone that Lomax first became familiar with the musics of the diverse ethnic enclaves of the United States.In many respects Herrmann remains the most influential of all composers writing for film (note that I do not say “film composers”, a term Herrmann disparaged; “many great composers of whatever nationality — Auric, Bliss, Copland, Frankel, Prokofiev, Rota, Shostakovich, Walton — composed for the cinema,” he once reminded me, “but one aspect of their creative output.”).His legacy lives on: in our memories — and, for those of us priviledged enough to have known him, in our berlin GALLERY OPENINGS Friday, 13 September, 6 – 9 pm Baudach, Erik van Lieshout* / Borch, Huma Bhabha / BQ, Jochen Lempert* / Brutto Gusto, Guido Sengle* / burster, “on view: Studierende der Universität der Künste Berlin” / Capitain Petzel, Yael Bartana / carlier | gebauer, Laure Prouvost*/ Chert Lüdde, Gabriel Chaile, Gillian Brett, Costantinos Taliotis* / Crone, Tomas Kleiner, Marco Biermann, „Zwei Alter : Jung“ / Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Bernhard Martin* / Ebensperger Rhomberg, Mark van Yetter* / Efremidis, Nuria Fuster, aaajiao* / Eigen Art, Olaf Nicolai* / Feldbusch Wiesner Rudolph, Wim Botha* / Konrad Fischer, Carl Andre / M R Fricke*, Friederike Klotz / Klaus Gerrit Friese, Thomas Müller / Philipp Haverkampf, Alex Ruthner* / House of Egorn, Andrés Pereira Paz / Michael Janssen, Aiko Tezuka* / kajetan, Jan Wawrzyniak* / Kewenig, Imi Knoebel* / Klemm´s, Viktoria Binschtok, Gabrielle Beveridge, Ulrich Lambsfuß, Ken Lum* / Klosterfelde Edition, Almut Heise / König, „What Beauty Is, I Know Not“ / Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Zhou Siwei / alexander levy, Mischa Leinkauf / Daniel Marzona, Olaf Holzapfel / Meyer Riegger, John Miller / Nagel Draxler, Pedro Wirz, Luke Willis Thompson* / Neu, Anne Collier / Nome, Paolo Cirio* / Georg Nothelfer, Emil Schumacher*/ Alexander Ochs Private, Till Brönner* / Persons Projects, Jorma Puranen / Helsinki School, Ville Kumpulainen / Esther Schipper, Roman Ondak / Michael Schultz, Emil Schumacher* / Sexauer, Philip Grözinger / Soy Capitán, Eli Cortiñas* / Sprüth Magers, Hanne Darboven, Ryan Trecartin / Taubert Contemporary, Joachim Grommek / Barbara Thumm, [email protected] / Tanja Wagner, Angelika J.

Indeed it is hard to imagine a more crusty and idiosyncratic group of independent thinkers and non conformists than the Seegers, Cowells, and Lomaxes, thrown together by their shared love of adventure, unusual music, and a capacity for hard work.That year she enrolled in the École Normale de Musique in Paris where she studied piano with Alfred Cortot in 1925, attended courses in psychiatry at the University of Paris as interpreter for her husband and took seminars with Carl Jung in Zurich.Back in the States, she taught at the Peninsula School for Creative Education in Menlo Park, California, from 1926 to 1932.Herrmann, who died in his sleep on December 24, 1975, one day after the final recording sessions, leaves behind a legacy of major film scores, unique in all the cinema; recordings which he conducted for English Decca, Fifth Continent, Lyrita and Unicorn-Kanchana, concert works which are only now being rediscovered by the public on digital recordings and in the concert hall.His fascinating career — and “one-off” personality — have, likewise, been captured in , a first-class TV documentary released in 1992.

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Herrmann’s formal music education began in 1927 at De Witt Clinton High School, where one of his classmates was the composer Jerome Moross.

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